Friday, July 6, 2012


Before I got married, before I had Hannah, I always complained that i was too tired or too busy, or i never had enough time to do everything. Now with Hannah in my life, the word 'tired' took on a whole new meaning.

As i am staying with my mil who takes care of my daughter, the duty of cooking, cleaning and groceries shopping is taken up voluntarily by me. Fortunately, mil do not mind to do the laundry for the whole family as i take care of the rest.

A typical weekday;

wake up at 5.50am, get ready for work.

7.30am, reach college and ebm before class start at 8am.

12.30pm do some paper work in the office, quick lunch and ebm again.

4.30pm finish class and go home.

5.30pm prepare dinner, in between breastfeed hannah and play with her.

7pm dinner is ready and so is hannah's porridge. Bring hannah out from the house and walk around the house compound. Teaching her to look out for birds, fish, cats, dogs and flowers.

7.30pm hannah's feeding time. Sometimes it can drag for one whole hour and i have to play barney dvd for her as i feed her.

8pm. Papa is home and we will have dinner together. Normally mah mah will eat her dinner early and goes for her line dancing class. Yeh yeh seldom eats at home.

8.30pm hannah will take her bath after i have cleaned up the kitchen and boil drinking water for the next day.

9pm dressing hannah nowadays is a chore and will take about 10 mins. After passing her to yeh yeh or papa, i will quickly take bath.

By 9.30pm hannah is ready for her bedtime nen nen. I will make a bottle for her before both of us settling down for our usual bedtime nursing.

10-11pm it depends on how tired hannah is. Sometimes she will fall asleep very fast, sometimes she will get up and play in the dark, rolling all over the bed and on me.

By the time Hannah falls asleep, i would be too tired to stay awake too. That is how i end my day.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hannah @ 11 month

My litttle girl is growing fast. She is no longer the little baby i brought home from the hospital and makes little mewing sounds like a kitten when she is upset. Now she roars(literally) with all her might when we are out from her sight.

She is so cute and adorable at this age. She starts to understand instructions and is upset when we talked angrily to her. Nowadays she gets into the habit of squinting her eyes and wiggles her nose when we tell her not to do something. And she can shake her head as in no-no vigorously for no apparent reason. I think she pick that up from us. We have gotten into the habit of shaking our heads in dissapproval when she is being naughty and tries to touch something which is dangerous. For the past few days, she has learnt to wave bye bye too. She is a bit late in this and her father was quite worried as she is not reaching her milestones as she should have. But once she did, she practises her newfound skills very often.

Even from very young age, we can see that see that she is a bold and sociable girl. She loves to seek out older children to play with. From my arms, she will peer out curiously at other children and laughs loudly at them. She is a happy baby and everyone who has ever held her will agree so.

She is the sunshine in our lives and the apple of our eyes. I know the time will come when one day she will hate us for being strict with her or not being understanding enough to her needs. But if she happens to read this blog in the future, she will know that we love her very much.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hannah's Milestones

There is 4 more days before Hannah reached 11 months. However she progressed so fast and has grown so quickly that i cannot believe she is not yet one year old. Yesterday she has learnt to climb down from the bed. For the past few weeks i had taught her to go down with her backside first. We practised a few times but i don't think she understand how the whole thing work. However, yesterday morning as we were playing on the bed, she crawled to the edge of the bed and look down, then she looked back at me before turning this way and that way. Finally she let one of her legs dropped over the edge of the bed while both of her hands firmly gripped the bed sheet. She let herself down too quickly but i was there all the time hovering on top of her with my hands close to her body, ready to catch her if she fell. She was extremely pleased with herself and proceed quickly to the bedside table to grab my phone. I am very happy too. It is a very important skill which she has to master. I have had horrible thoughts of her stumbing down from bed head first.

Hannah has been cruising when she was 8 month old. She is very confident with her skill now and is trying to let go of her hands while crusing in her playpen. She is a very smart girl because she know when she is on a mattress, she can let go of her hands and fall hard on the soft mattress. But when she is on the floor, she wil never do that. She can crawl very fast too and sometimes i will play catch with her and she was really excited. She also know which furniture is safe to hold onto and which is not. For example, if she wants to take the tv remote control on the plastic chair, she will hold onto the solid sofa beside it because she knew the plastic chair will move if she place her weight on it.

her new found skills also mean more troubles. Yeh yeh put a lot of feng shui objects all over the house. We have a small coffee table push against the far end of the living room where yeh yeh put a glass of water surrounded by his chinese horoscope animals. We also have a small fan there. To prevent hannah from reaching these, mah mah put a scratchy rubber mat on the floor. It managed to stop her from going further as she disliked the scratchy mat on her bare feet. However, two days ago, mah mah reported that she has finally brave enough to stand on the mat, stepped up high enough to pull the glass of water over, poked her fingers into the fan and fiddled with the buttons on the fan. Fortunately, the fan was not turn on, or else her little fingers will be chopped off.

Yeh yeh said he will remove his feng shui objects for the sake of his granddaughter. I was very glad to hear that.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcoming Hannah - 29th July 2012

By 7am, i woke ky and told him i was ready to deliver. I had my bag packed and i was waiting. Mil came with us and i was truly grateful she was with me. Her strong nursing background has given me enormous comfort and security. But strangely, i was not scared, just apprehensive. I had watched a lot of videos on youtube and read up in preparation for the delivery.

We reached Selayang Hospital at 8am.(Why i chose Selayang Hospital? Hmmm... That is a story for next time). I was quickly admitted into the delivery ward. A quick check showed that i was already 5cm dilated. Wow ... I was so proud of myself. Must be due to the walking the whole night. I call my parents and gong gong picked up the phone. I said 'pa, i am in the hospital now. I am ready to deliver anytime'. He was surpised, and was lost for word. The he laughed and said 'wah.. Gong hei lei wor'. Hmmm ... What a strange response.

It was a long wait for Hannah. By 1pm my water bag has to be broken and my labour has to be induced because my cervical dilation did not increased. Since it was a government hospital, i was not offered epidural. However i was given an injection to ease my labour pains. Maybe i should not have taken it. It made me very sleepy and lost the strenght to push the baby out.

I was glad i did not give birth on 5th August as it was the start of the fasting month. I don't think the nurses and doctor would have so much patient to wait for me to deliver naturally. They were ready to go home and would be too eager to cut me up. But i was glad, really glad that Hannah finally made her appearance in the evening. The nurse held her up, all bloodied and red and very furious for being haul out from her warm home. 'ini anak perempuan ya. Nama emak leong poh yin ya'. I nodded feebly. Too exhausted and actually, i can't see very clearly without my glasses. And then she tagged my little daughter.

Hannah Leong Kar Yan
D.O.B 29 August 2011
Weight : 3.3kg

Hello world, allow me to present Ms Hannah Leong Kar Yan to you!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mother's Pain

It was only 4 days after we celebrated ky's birthday. Hannah was supposed to arrive on the following friday on 5th August 2011. I remembered playfully asking ky if he wanted to have a baby as his birthday present, a daughter to share his birthday. He politely declined and said he would not mind waiting a little longer for the arrival of our little girl.

On Thursday morning, 28th July 2011, i was still going to the college as usual. I was getting very heavy and walking really slowly then as my pelvic bone was pressing on my nerve. I remembered trying to carry my backpack but after a few steps i had to leave it in my car as my pain near the pelvic bone become unbearable. I managed to finish all my classes on that day but it really tired me out. I told my DHT2 students that i would not be having class with them the next day as i wanted to take mc.

Fast forward, it was after dinner at night and my mil asked me to print out the confinement recipes that i have found online. I spent some time in front of the pc. By 11pm i felt pain at the lower region. The pain was similar to menstrual pain. When i was in the toilet, i saw blood. I asked my mil if that was normal? I have still one week to go. My mil asked me to go to bed and put up my legs on the pillow. However the pain become stronger and more frequent.

The contractions started and it came every five minute. It was already 1am when i went to take bath and washed my hair. I was afraid i would need to be admitted into hospital that very night itself. However, I did not wake ky because my water bag was not broken yet. I thought i can wait until the next morning before asking ky to sent me to the hospital. I bear with the pain alone throughout the night. My mil came out from her room and asked me to get some sleep. I would not sleep on the bed for fear of waking up ky as i had to get up every five minute and walked around the house to ease to pain. I spent the whole night sitting on a chair and dozed on and off between my contractions.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby teething

For several weeks i have been trying to get Hannah to suck on her pacifier instead of my breasts at nights. On certain nights she woke up every hours just to suckle and i was absolutely sure that she was not hungry. There were times when i woke up in the middle of the nights because i was too painful to let her continue and i made nen nen in the bottle for her but she only manage to finish 1oz to 2oz. By the way, at 11 month she still drinks only 3oz per feeding. On nights like these i thought i could go crazy from lack of sleep. She is teething and her gum must be very iritating. She loves to bite on anything; remote controls, keys, phones etc etc, except her pacifiers and teething rings.

Hannah will roll on my body, from left to right and right to left again to find my nen nen and will cry really loud if i don't give it to her. I always give in because i can't stand to hear her crying so pitifully. My mil asked me to wean her off but honestly, i love to breastfed her and although it is so frustrating not being able to get good sleep and painful too, i wanted to breastfed her for as long as i can. Her expression each time she sees my breasts is priceless. I really love to see the way her eyes lighted up and how she smiled up at me each time i breastfed her. the funniest thing is she will start to hyper ventilate with her eyes half closed and chubby hands grabbing on my shirt as soon as i lay her in my arms in breastfeeding position.

I have grown to love my role as a mother and the little girl that has become so attached to me. Breasfeeding is truly a unique experience and no, it is not all about getting the milk. it is more toward the special bond between a child and her mother that makes it so special.( baby is latching on as i am wrting this. Overflowing with maternal love :))


I cannot believe my last blog written was in 2009. I have missed out 3 years of blogging and so much had happened since. I was admitted into hospital for dengue fever, got my laptop stolen from my rented house in TBR, both happened in 2009. Finally got married on 13th march 2010, after knowing ky for 4 years and had baby Hannah on 27th july 2011.

I started this blog to preserve the sweet memories of how we met and the details of our life journey together. However, along the way, both of us were too busy with our life that this blog is literally forgotten until now. After i got married, my life is no longer mine alone. I am a wife, a daughter and a daughter in law. I do housework, groceries shopping, cook and taking care of my husband. After i had baby Hannah, whatever little time i have for myself at home is all given to her. I am a mother now.

Suddenly it hits me that i now have a very young and vulnerable baby who is very dependent on me. I must not get sick and i certainly must not die for her sake. Someone once told me that a child without a mother is very pitiful. Their future lays in dirt as no one can guide and nurture them the way a mother could. The meaning never really settle fully in me until i become a mother myself. I really love my little daughter. Being a mother is not easy at all as the baby, small as she is, is very demanding. I know if something happens to me, no one can love her the way i do.

I regretted not being discipline enough as i did promised myself that i would keep a journal of Hannah's birth and her young life with us. I wanted to, in the subsequent blogs, to recall back the memories of my pregnancy to the present. Gosh, Hannah is going to be 11-month soon. I hope it is not too late to start doing so.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Climate Woes

Thursday February 26, 2009 The Star

"Gaia" scientist says life doomed by climate woes
By Peter Griffiths

LONDON (Reuters) - Climate change will wipe out most life on Earth by the end of this century and mankind is too late to avert catastrophe, a leading British climate scientist said.

James Lovelock, 89, famous for his Gaia theory of the Earth being a kind of living organism, said higher temperatures will turn parts of the world into desert and raise sea levels, flooding other regions.

His apocalyptic theory foresees crop failures, drought and death on an unprecedented scale. The population of this hot, barren world could shrink from about seven billion to one billion by 2100 as people compete for ever-scarcer resources.

"It will be death on a grand scale from famine and lack of water," Lovelock told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday. "It could be a reduction to a billion (people) or less."

By 2040, temperatures in European cities will rise to an average of 110 Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) in summer, the same as Baghdad and parts of Europe in the 2003 heatwave.

"The land will gradually revert to scrub and desert. You can look at as if the Sahara were steadily moving into Europe. It's not just Europe; the whole world will be changing in that way."

Attempts to cut emissions of planet-warming gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) in an attempt to reduce the risks are probably doomed to failure, he added. Even if the world found a way of cutting emissions to zero, it is now too late to cool the Earth.


Gosh ... i know it is bad now. the world is going crazy. i am thinking this morning as i read the news... should i have babies now knowing that the future will not be good to them? i've joined 'The Fight to Stop Global Warming'. but honestly, i don't know what else i can do apart from planting more trees (a tree, to be precise) at home and attempt to walk from house to the grocery stores and giant and not driving my car all the time. but i did make real attempts to reduce waste. i bring my own tupperware when i tapau my lunch and reused A4 paper to print on the other side.

When the century ended, me and king would have turned to ashes and there is no worry for us anymore. but what about my lovely children? (i think they will be lovelybecause i always imagine them to be so)....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Helping Hand

It was 6.20 p.m. I was to get up soon from my nap. I was damn tired but I need to pack my bag to go back to PJ this evening. Suddenly there was this called from an unknown number. I picked it up and on the other end I heard a male voice asking,

“Ms Leong, this is Winson. Where are you living?”

I was thinking, ‘now this is my student, why does he need to know where I live? I can’t be possible inviting him over to my house to ask about his coursework at this hour. I am going home.’

Therefore I asked him in a curt manner, “Why do you need to know where I live?”

All I can hear at that moment was a string of incoherent babbling and suddenly he said he was involved in an accident and he was alone and he needed help.

I quickly promised him I would be there as soon as possible. I was worried. For him, and also for myself. I was unfamiliar with the place I need to go. And hell it was jammed and packed from end to end in KL in the evening.

I badly wanted to wake Choon up to accompany me, but I was afraid she would get mad at me for waking her up. So I went alone.I only reached there after 45 minutes stuck in the traffic jam.

When I reached the Setapak Police Station, I couldn’t see him. I parked my car beside the road and started walking. It was a bad idea to drive and get lost in KL at this hour. I finally found him.

He was still sitting in the car and could barely move. A few tow trucks operators appeared from nowhere, surrounding him and pestering him to sign some paper to allow them to tow away his car to their workshops. I fended them off, called an ambulance and sit in the car with winson. We waited for his brother to come all the way from Klang.

as we sat there waiting, we talked a lot of things. he showed me his gf photos. still in form four but has shown great potential to be a great beauty when she gets older. even in his pain, he still managed to ask me his coursework grade. i find that very amusing. i assured him that everything is alright.

Finally at 8.10pm, his brother came. But the ambulance never arrived because they missed us out. So winson’s brother carried him on his back and back to his car, which was quite a long distance. Great brother huh…

We sent him to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur, where winson was admitted. Finally I could breathe in relief. When I reached home I packed my bag to go back to pj and reached there around 11pm. It was an eventful night.

Hou Sam Tong Argh ....

the first time my car was vandalised in the college, i was so shocked and i cried. i was very tired and was emotionally drained at that time. i couldn't believe this is happening to me. someone knocked a hole in my rear signal light with a tree branch.
i couln't think of any of my own students who will do this to me. the only one i can think of was a student who nearly knock into my car in the college when i was reversing from the parking lot. he shouted obscenities at me. maybe it was an act of revenge. but i would prefer to think it was a random act of vandalism

the second time it happened again, a few months after the first incident, there was a long scratch mark on the driver side from the front to the rear of the car. i discovered it after i finished my class in the morning. i was despaired. and i have avoided both parking places thereafter.

since then, i pay attention to other college staff cars and i found some of them also have scratch marks like mine. trust me ... there is a lot of unhappy and frustrated souls out there, trap in the college and are causing problems to vent their anger.

My College Life

Yes, i have one too!

I have been with Tar College for more than 6 years. Before i come to KL i was with Tarc Johor Branch Campus.

I was lonely and quite terrified of my KL students when i first came to kl. I expected them to have higher command of english and speak better in english compared to my poor sheep back in johor. and they would have have higher expectation of me and would probably demand that i teach more than just grammar and essay writing.

but eventually i realized that they are not so different after all. Just that i get a little more rude students and they are not as friendly once the class is over...

but i do have my own happy moments in the class too. when i am prepared and teached well and when my students asked questions and give feedbacks, i felt my efforts has not been in vain.

but there were many moments of unhappiness as well. i have more noisy and ruder students this semester and i can't carried out my lessons well. i was cranky and bad tempered. but i kept my smiles plastered on my face. never would i uttered a hurting word to any of them because i knew how far deep a hatred can go and how unforgiving a heart can be. and i am not fightng back in any sense, they are my students and i am supposed to be here to help them.

but i guess sometimes they just don't need help of any kind and just wanted to be left alone.

incident 1:

It was a short one hour class in the afternoon. the class was noisy and nobody was paying attention to me when i walked in. i have to shout just to be heard and i wanted to start my lessons immediately. i asked them to quiet down. some girls still talked. when i start to talk, they still talked and peered excitedly into their laptop. i told the two girls that i wanted them to close down their laptop.

i was going to burst, but i hold myself like a helium ballon. they turn their defiant faces at me, huff and close the laptop, and immediately plopped their faces onto the desks and go to sleep. ohmigod .... what am i supposed to do!??? !

i ignored them. i can't believe girls would do like this to a teacher in the class. i never meet one before. anyway, they can't see me eye to eye after that after the incident boiled down.

incident 2:

It was already into week 11. i am starting to use the text book more often now. more than half of the students in this class have no text book and they shared. i have a time when 5 students were sharing one book. i was mad. they were noisy and come solely for the attendance. what for ....??? it's just a waste of time. why just don't skip the class totally?

one hour later, after i finished giving lecture on letter writing, i asked them to write a letter of complaint or enquiry in the class. most of them did not. they are roaring with laughter and are punching each other with jokes. i told them they can leave and complete their work at home if they feel that sitting in the class was a waste of time. some do, but some still stay back because they have to do role play and group discussion later. (these students are the noisiest and they are the groups that missed out their coursework because they were absent for coursework)

i was engaged in a discussion with one of my students when the lecturer from the next class came in through the backdoor and asked them to lower down their volume because they have been getting increasingly noisy. i was embarrassed. my ballon burst this time and i brushed them up really nicely.

i was tired when i get back home in the evening. drain physically and emotionally...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chern Fun and Catherine's wedding

It came as a surprise. they were not revealing anything and suddenly after chinese new year they announced that they were getting married in October.

the sweet bride


It has been two weeks since I was discharged from the hospital for dengue fever. I was bored to tears staying in the ward for three days. Fortunately it was weekend so ky was able to come for visits. However he couldn’t stay more than one hour each time because he was too bored. But he has been such a sweet loukong.

When I was sick he went all the way to Tanjung Malim just to get me the froggy ‘tinkai’ so his mum could boil it with those little bitter gourds which is believed to be good for dengue patient. I didn't take any photos while i was in hospital. However Ky did asked me if I wanted to take photos to put in our blog and I thought he was crazy. However, I did take some photos during the weekend while we went back to Segamat. Now this picture would probably tell you how I got the dengue fever.

In the rubber estate!!... ky wanted to be a tourist and insisted he wanted the tapping knife. however i couldn't find one for him.

That weekend was father birthday too and we have bought him a cake. I gave him a jacket and a tool box for his birthday present. He was extremely pleased. But he bought a very funny thing for himself at the 2 ringgit shop and was really proud of it too. Ky was his only admirer.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A weekend getaway

Last weekend we went to genting because we've started to get bored doing the same things every weekend. we thought going to genting was a good place to start with. Boarding the bus to Genting from 1U
cheap cheap ... bus , skyway and themepark tickets all included
We waited for one hour just to get onto the space shot. i told him i wasn't afraid ...
Next, boatride at dinosaurs land
we were riding into the clouds!

it's difficult to take our pictures together.

last stop, eat all you can for free.

His and Her


Monday, September 29, 2008

27 September 2008 - Our Registration

27 September 2008 – the day we registered at Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. There were a lot of anxious moments and we wanted to make sure everybody is happy during our registration. King Hoong has been such a darling. He was the one who got me the pretty hand held bouquet of roses as our registration gift and was our photographer for the day too.

Registration was a simple affair to some people as it would normally be followed by an elaborate wedding ceremony. But for us, we have to invite all family members to witness the registration as our wedding ceremony is still far away. It will be held only in March 2010.

Yes … we have already set the date. But due to the reason of incompatible dates in year 2009 for both of us, born in the year of goat, we have no choice but to wait for another year.

Getting married is not all clear blue skies and blooming bed of roses. I was stressful and so was KY. We have a small tiff starting on the night before the registration day until the next morning. We are not speaking to each other and I was mad at him. However, when we reached the hotel where my parents were staying, we made up to each other and everything was alright again.

After the registration, there was lunch and a lot more hosting has to be done. My family members have to be checked into another hotel. This weekend had been very hectic for both of us as we have to do a lot of running around. After lunch with my parents on Sunday, we said bye bye to them and finally a bit of rest and peace for us.

My poor ky was down with sore throat and slight fever. I promised I will be nice to him the next few days.

Sorry friends, we can’t invite you along as only 14 people are allowed into the room. But you can be sure I will rope you in for our wedding ceremony when it comes. There will be no more spending until next year.

And for now we eagerly looking forward to cher fun, ah mok and teck siong’s wedding end of this year.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kavitha's Wedding

king yeung's friend got married last sunday and both of us attended her wedding ceremony which was held in a Hindu temple. these were some of the photos i took which i thought would be interesting to write about.
One of the most distinctive features of an Indian wedding is their elaborate ceremony and rituals which the bridegroom and the bride have to perform before they are made husband and wife.

Indian weddings are full of customs and traditions and are celebrated on a grand scale with lot of fan-fare. One of the most remarkable features of an Indian wedding is that it not just marks the coming together of two individuals who are getting married but also the coming together of their respective families.

Attending an Indian wedding is a grand affair and every Indian ladies will deck out prettily in in their beautiful sarees and their hair is adorned with strings of jasmine flowers. Jasmine, known as "The Queen of Perfume", was used to anoint kings and wealthy people of the society. It has a very strong distinct smell and supposingly very soothing to the senses.

there are many websites which wrote in details about indian weddings. i am not going to the same thing here, but just to describes each pictures i have uploaded here because i was there and it was my experience of attending an indian wedding and i also feel its little details are worth mentioning.

Picture 1: the drawing on the floor is known as kolam. It is thought to bestow prosperity to the homes. For special occasions limestones and red brick powderwder to contrast are also used.

Picture 2: i wasn't sure what was this big brass basin filled with water and flowers doing on the floor. but i thought it looked very pretty.

Picture 3: beetle leaf( paan), areca nut( supari); It is a mouth freshener as well as aids digestion. but i didn't try any because i wasn't sure if it is for the guests or as offering to the gods.

Picture 4: This ceremonial wedding music was played on flute-type brass instrument to usher the bride and her entourage into the hall after she has changed into an elaborate silk saree.
Picture 5,6,7: Kavitha entered the hall with her bridesmaids. she was later seated on the stage with her husband where they perform their ceremonial duties.
Picture 8: Us :)
Picture 9: young Indian girls dressed in Langa, before they are old enough to wear a saree.
Picture 10: king yeung's ex-colleague son.
the wedding ceremony ended with a lavish vegetarian lunch for its guests. hmmm... nothing beats an authentic indian meal. the curries were fantastic.
ok.. before i end this blog. i would like to post some tips for people who is attending an Indian wedding for the first time.
Q: I've been invited to a Hindu wedding. What should I wear?
A: Wear what you would wear to a non-Indian wedding. The only clothing taboo to be aware of is that you must take your shoes off to enter a temple or the wedding canopy, so be prepared to leave them at the door. Do try to make some allowances for comfort -- it's not uncommon for seating to be on the ground, so a tight suit or dress that doesn't let you sit cross-legged might not be the best choice.

Of course, if you're the adventurous type and want to wear traditional Indian clothes, go for it! Very likely there'll be a friend or cousin your size who'd be delighted to loan you some clothes and show you how to wear them. Women guests may even get the chance for an application of henna or mehndi if they're around the day before the wedding. But don't rely on the bride or groom to help you themselves -- they'll be way too busy on the day of the event.

Q: My Hindu friends are getting married. What sort of gift should I give?
A: The traditional gift at an Indian wedding is money. The amount should be an "auspicious" number ending in 1 -- $11, $21, $51, $101, $201, $501, etc. (or similar numbers in rupees, pounds, or what have you). Cash or a check is fine.

However, outside of India most Indian couples understand that giving money can be considered tacky and they don't expect it from their non-Indian friends. They've embraced the western tradition of giving housewares as gifts and many couples register at department stores. So the better answer is: give what you would give at a non-Hindu wedding.